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Now, more than ever, there is a thirst for meaning and substance. People want to go beyond scrolling, scripted reality and filters and get to the heart of the story. The Millie Podcast is for women who want to rip up the script and explore new ideas, places, and possibilities. Each episode, Millie Travels creator & Millie podcast host, Chelsea Brown will introduce us to an extraordinary woman who inspires a new way of thinking and invites us to see the world in a different way. Think about it: Isn't it when we open up, get vulnerable and share our stories that we really connect, laugh, cry, and ultimately grow and expand our perspective? Together, let's uplift the conversation – and each other.


Latest Episode:

Florence Akara: Ending Period Poverty and Breaking the Menstrual Taboo

Florence Akara: Ending Period Poverty and Breaking the Menstrual Taboo

We are excited to celebrate International Women's Day with you and #ChooseToChallenge menstrual stigma, inequality, and stereotyping! Florence Akara is a feminist, menstrual health rights advocate, women’s rights activist and Managing Director of Femme International, an NGO in East Africa that is helping to break the barriers and stigma people face as a result of menstruation.

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Past Episodes:

Be Your Own Superhero: A No Blame or No Shame Mantra

Be Your Own Superhero: A No Blame or No Shame Mantra

Just two days before the US election we speak to Elena Christopoulos. Elena stands out for so many reasons. Elena Christopoulos is a scientist and sustainability expert with over 20...

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Create The Life You Want

Create The Life You Want

Natasha is all about women celebrating women, and she is changing the way we communicate with each other. Refreshingly frank and honest, Natasha uses her platform to share authentically: from...

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Liberating Experiences

Our experiences place the emphasis on exploration and connection, offering women new ways of seeing the world, their lives and their self. Travel and beyond.


What listeners are saying

Empowering & Amazing!

The Millie podcast is an amazing one to feel inspired and empowered! Chelsea is so well rounded on many subjects and the guests are all so interesting to listen to!! Definitely recommend to everyone!!


Inspiring Podcast!

I would recommend this to all the ladies out there. Chelsea is smart and well spoken and her guest are extraordinary. Can’t wait to hear more episodes!



Chelsea is so intelligent and authentic, I love listening to her and hearing her stories. Not only her but other likeminded women! So empowering. :)


Social Impact

We believe in raising each other up and engaging mindfully with the world. When we curate experiences for our community, we are focused on authenticity, sustainability, direct contribution and collaboration with women-led initiatives that empower women and girls, globally. 

About Your Host

Chelsea Brown is the founder of Millie, a company that creates authentic, intimate and artfully curated experiences for women through travel. But Millie is about so much more than travel: Millie exists to inspire women to live true, believing in the power of new experiences and expanded perspectives to foster global consciousness.

From a young age, Chelsea has had a fascination with exploring the world, feeling a sense of reflected excitement and wanderlust every time her mother returned home from her travels. It instilled in Chelsea a desire to be part of something bigger than herself, something life-changing. Through building Millie, Chelsea connects with women from different backgrounds and cultures from all over the world, returning home with her own stories.