Millie is an organization that creates authentic, intimate and artfully curated experiences for women through travel – and beyond.

Our experiences place the emphasis on exploration and connection, offering women new ways of seeing the world, their lives, their self. Our goal is to inspire women to be true to themselves, live their adventure, and unlock their own potential.

Millie believes in the transformational power of new experiences, authentic connections, and expanded perspectives to foster global consciousness, self-discovery, and empowerment. From global travel, to in-person and online events, each Millie experience is intimate, artfully curated and demonstrates a keen attention to detail. We bring together women of all ages, from all backgrounds, to support, mentor, and share with each other.

And when you travel with Millie, participate in our events, or purchase our products, a percentage of fund s goes towards women-led social enterprises and initiatives that empower women. Since our launch in 2018, Millie has made a direct contribution of $21,764.98 to Sitti and The Hopes for Women in Education, Turquoise Mountain, Al Rahmeh, The Pin Project and more. Learn more about the incredible organizations that we've had the privilege to collaborate with on our Impact page.