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Millie believes in raising each other up and engaging mindfully with the world. That's why when we travel, we are focused on authenticity, sustainability, and collaboration with local service providers, vendors, and guides. We also directly contribute to, and collaborate with, women-led initiatives and social enterprises that empower women. Since our launch, Millie has made a direct contribution of $21,764.98 to organizations that provide access to education and sustainable employment for women and girls.


Sitti x Millie Gift Box

Sitti, a women-led social enterprise in Jordan, creates natural, handmade, traditional olive oil soap and beauty products. Many of the women who craft these products are displaced or refugees. Millie's relationship with Sitti started when we first visited their workshop at the Jerash Refugee Camp, which we ultimately incorporated into our Jordan itinerary. This evolved into a number of collaborative projects, most recently, the Sitti x Millie Higher Education Gift Box.

Inspired by the resilience and the dedication of the women of the Jerash Refugee Camp, the gift box contributes to higher education scholarships for women in the refugee community in Jordan. Our goal was to raise enough funds to award three university-level scholarships for a four-year degree program, in partnership with Sitti's beneficiary organization, Hopes for Women in Education.

The Sitti x Millie gift box is a collection of handpicked items, including their signature natural olive oil soap and SEN saffron infused olive oil soap. Connect with and empower women from the other side of the world by purchasing this beautiful gift box here.

Turquoise Mountain

Turquoise Mountain was established in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to revive historic areas and traditional crafts, to provide jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride. Like Sitti, Millie's relationship with Turquoise Mountain started with a visit to their workshop and blossomed into a long-term collaboration, including incorporating Turquoise Mountain into the Jordan itinerary.

Turquoise Mountain launched its Jordan operation in 2017, specializing in woodworking. While Turquoise Mountain employed and provided scholarships for women in its other locations, at the time, Jordan did not have female participants. In 2018, Millie worked with Turquoise Mountain to champion aspiring female artisans in its jewelry-making program, creating a scholarship program that supports artisans in its training center in Amman, Jordan. To date, we have funded the training of three artisans. Today, Turquoise Mountain in Jordan employs female artisans and features female-led jewelry workshops.

The Pin Project 

The Pin Project was, in part, what inspired the creation of Millie and introduced founder Chelsea Brown to Jordan. The Pin Project is a global initiative providing employment opportunities to some of the over 65,000,000 displaced persons living as refugees in the world.

The aim of The Pin Project is to encourage refugees, internally displaced people and aspiring artisans to become self-reliant through the creation of meaningful work. Using the iconic Kite designed by award-winning Jenny Bird, this project will relaunch for World Refugee Day, happening on June 20th, 2021.

The Pin Project, originally launchding in 2017 by Hedvig Alexander’s Far & Wide Collective with the support of ISHKAR, Global Goods and Millie raised over $140,000 worldwide and created employment for over 60 artisans, developing workshops in four developing countries: Jordan, Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and Turkey.

Al-Rahmeh for Animals 

Al-Rahmeh for Animals is a shelter in Amman run by two women, Lubna Kasbari and Noor Qusous. These incredible women care for 45 dogs in their shelter and are working tirelessly to end the abuse and neglect of the Canaan Dog, a breed considered to be the quintessential 'street dog' in Jordan. Canaans make up 95% of Al-Rahmeh's pup population. Al-Rahmeh also created a program to teach children to be kind to animals and dismantle stereotypes around the Canaan Dog, getting to the heart of the matter – education.

Millie has a very special connection to Al-Rahmeh. During our last trip to Jordan, founder Chelsea Brown found a Canaan puppy huddled under a car: alone, dehydrated, malnourished, and covered in ticks. She wasn't sure what to do and friends connected her to the wonderful women of Al-Rahmeh and the rest is history. The puppy is now Poppy, and she lives in Canada with Chelsea, her husband Mike, and her fur brothers Falco and Seth. Click here to learn how to contribute to Al-Rahmeh or adopt a Canaan dog of your own.