Millie Exists to Inspire Women to live true 

Millie's first love is travel, but we are about so much more. Founded in 2018, Millie is a company (and community) that expands perspectives, connects women, shares stories, and explores possibilities through Millie Travels, the Storytellers blog, Millie experiences (online and in-person), and more. We believe in empowering women, not only through our Millie offerings, but by giving back to women-led initiatives and social enterprises. 

Millie believes in the transformative power of new experiences and expanded perspectives

We Call it Mindfull Travel

Our travel exists to inspire and support women to live their adventure and connect with the world. We call it mindful travel. A new approach to travel that nurtures global consciousness founded on compassion, acceptance, and love

Millie believes in raising each other up. When you travel with Millie, a percentage of the trip cost goes towards programs, social enterprises and organizations that empower women, including: Sitti Soap, Hopes for Women in Education, Turquoise Mountain, Ballare and more. To read more about how Millie has given back, visit our Impact page here


Creating a New Way to Connect - The Storytellers 

With the pandemic, like you, we have had to change the way we connect. That's why we're launching The Storytellers. It's a blog – but it's so much more and we invite you to become part of it. The Storytellers is a way for curious and adventurous women to connect, expand their perspective and explore possibilities. We will be collaborating with female talent from around the world who will step in as guest writers and share their insight, knowledge, energy and unique point of view. 


You know Millie for our travel and in-person events. But, we're also about exploring possibilities, forging connection, and expanding perspectives.