Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown is a Toronto native, who has lived in the U.K., USA and Canada as a child. This instilled within her a desire to not only explore the world, but to make a difference in it. From her time as a mentor at Girls E-Mentorship Innovation (GEM), to establishing Millie, to the organizations and innovators she supports: Chelsea's passion has always been championing women to unlock their potential. She currently sits on social enterprise Sitti Soap's International Advisory Board.

Through Millie, Chelsea also funded scholarships for three women, putting them through Turquoise Mountain artisan training – the first women to ever participate in the Jordan program. A turning point in Chelsea's life was her introduction, and her efforts to help develop, The Pin Project, an initiative that unlocked refugee talent and encouraged long-term self-reliance through artisan crafts. This experience paved the way for Millie’s first development trip to Jordan and it is how Chelsea came to know the women of the Jerash Refugee camp and Sitti. It also provided clarity: "only by forging relationships with people across the world can we improve it."

Chelsea is an avid traveler, with a passion to explore the world. But her reasons for establishing Millie transcend travel. Millie embraces mindful travel: a new approach that nurtures global consciousness founded on compassion, acceptance and love.

CEO and founder of Millie

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