SheFighter: 'From Trouble Maker to Global Change Maker'

Lina Khalifeh is the founder of SheFighter, the first self-defense studio for women in the Middle East. SheFighter, which is now in more than 35 countries, helps to empower women physically, mentally, and emotionally through self-defense training.

A multiple medalist, Lina represented Jordan in competitions and championships nationally and internationally. After sustaining a career ending injury, she was forced to reexamine the direction of her life. She went to university and met a fellow student who was the survivor of a sexual assault. This clarified her purpose and she started teaching women self-defense techniques in the basement of her family home.

She has personally trained hundreds of women, including actress Emma Watson, earned accolades from President Barack Obama 2019, and has received numerous awards, including the ESPN Humanitarian Award, presented by the UFC and ESPN; and in 2018, she was awarded the Economic Empowerment Award by Hillary Clinton. Lina is also the author of the book SheFighter – From Trouble Maker to Global Change Maker.


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