Create The Life You Want

Natasha Slater knows how to get people talking: sometimes about her, and her irreverent approach to business and life; other times, in her interviews – some famously conducted from the comfort of bed; and most recently, through The Dinner Conversations, Natasha Slater Studios, and her dispatches from Instagram.

Natasha is all about women celebrating women, and she is changing the way we communicate with each other. Refreshingly frank and honest, Natasha uses her platform to share authentically: from her battle with anxiety and bulimia to her career transitions and motherhood. A visionary and entrepreneur, devoted mother, trailblazer and lover of the arts, Natasha walks her talk, most recently by helping women empower themselves through her #GoodbyeExcuses Girls Boxe, Surf and Mentorship retreats, and fundraising for women and families suffering from domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown.


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