Be Your Own Superhero: A No Blame or No Shame Mantra

Just two days before the US election we speak to Elena Christopoulos. Elena stands out for so many reasons. Elena Christopoulos is a scientist and sustainability expert with over 20 years of expertise as an energy and political consultant who “walks the talk of sustainability.” She is a Canadian who advises well-known US politicians, most recently, presidential candidate Joe Biden.

She challenges the status quo across a number of male-dominated fields. Elena is also the Principal of ECMC and is on the Buzz advisory board. She implemented the first urban wind turbine in North America and is responsible for the creation of more than 500,000 green jobs. Elena was named Toronto’s Woman of the Year for her work designing and implementing wind turbines and solar arrays in Canada, Greece, Germany, England, and the US. She has managed over 40 successful political campaigns throughout the world and it is her goal to get more women into politics. Elena is a strong advocate for women as a mentor, peer, colleague and friend. She is a Board Member of the YMCA in Santa Monica, Commissioner on the Status of Women with the City of Santa Monica and the Founder and President of the Santa Monica Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA).

In this episode, Elena shares stories from the environmental and political frontlines and talks about being your own superhero, childhood lessons, her unique global perspective as a Greek girl who emigrated to Canada and now lives in the USA and consults worldwide, her personal experience with the #MeToo movement and so much more. She gives women the courage to blaze their own path, take risks and go after extraordinary achievements.

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