A Journey Through Manifestation, Transformation (and Food!) with Bianca Osbourne

Bianca Osbourne is a chef, cooking expert, cooking show presenter on CTV and host of the On My Plate podcast. Born and raised in Edmonton, Bianca is on a quest to help Canadians rise to their healthiest and highest selves. Bianca has appeared on CBC Radio, Breakfast Television, GUSTO Worldwide Media and is a regularly featured expert chef on The Marilyn Denis Show. Bianca also teaches Food Media Studies and Food Business at Centennial College in Toronto.  

Just in time for the New Year, Bianca joins host Chelsea Brown on The Millie Podcast, giving listeners a taste of her unconventional, action-based approach to manifestation. Chelsea and Bianca discuss how profound personal transformation can consist of small, incremental moves; Bianca’s personal mission to mentor women; her experience as a Black woman in media; how opening up and being vulnerable is a messy, but crucial, journey and so much more.

Follow along Bianca's journey @Bianca.osbourne, biancaosbourne.com.


Bianca Osbourne

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