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Sourced and constructed in Tanzania, no two pieces are alike. These vibrant pink dresses are airy, soft and truly multi-use, ‘Florence’ made with bishop sleeves, gathered at the wrist and ‘Sienna’ made with a fitted t-shirt sleeve, both featuring roomy side pockets and a zipper-up back. Florence and Sienna are unique and two that give back to Femme International’s programs ‘Twaweza’ and ‘Twende’. Based in Kenya and Tanzania, Femme International’s mission is to educate, advocate and research ways to bring menstrual solutions to women and girls across East Africa.

Handmade from start to finish and sourced directly from market vendors, you can be confident that when you purchase this dress, everyone from textile makers to crafters and designers receive a fair wage. The fabric, called kitenage, is a 100% cotton cloth traditionally printed with bold colours, patterns and even political slogans, and is widely used in East, West, and Central Africa for clothes, scarves, and other accessories. Florence and Sienna can be worn on breezy summer nights or crisp autumn days. 

  • Made in Tanzania
  • Made with 100% African Kitenge fabric 
  • Fits true to size, model is wearing medium
  • Free shipping within Canada and USA on orders over $150
  • Free International shipping on orders over $300

Orders will be dispatched in 2-3 working days.

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  • We offer free shipping for
    • Canada and USA on orders over $150
    • International on orders over $300

We will be happy to offer a full refund (excluding shipping) on items returned within 14 days of receipt of delivery.

Wash on cold with like colours, tumble dry low or dry in the sun. Iron or steam on high heat. Wear with love.

Meet the Maker

Serapia Mrosso

Serapia Mrosso, a talented designer and maker, was born and raised in Tanzania and currently lives in Moshi, a beautiful town on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. From a young age, Serapia dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Serapia joined a 6-month entrepreneurship program that helps women living with economic pressures in difficult circumstances start their own businesses. Upon completion, Serapia launched her business, which was primarily tourist-driven. Forced to change direction due to Covid-19, Serapia is focused on cultivating a global audience through online distribution. Serapia is a single mother to two daughters. On top of her home and work responsibilities, every weekend Serapia teaches local children to sew. Her dream is to grow her business, learn from other business owners, and continue creating innovative new pieces.

The Inspiration

Many women and girls today still face inequity when it comes to menstrual health. The reality for many is to resort to homemade options like mattress stuffing and animal skin. Missing school and being held back is also very much a part of their menstrual experience. Let’s change that – together.

The Impact

This dress truly gives back. It not only ensures fair wages for the textile crafters and designers and makers like Serapia, each sale also raises funds for Femme International. Based in Kenya and Tanzania, Femme International’s mission is to educate, advocate and research ways to bring menstrual solutions to women and girls across East Africa. Each purchase directly supports the programs ‘Twaweza’ and ‘Twende’. The Twaweza program is focused on education and distribution, working with schools and community groups to help girls and women to stay engaged at school and in their community – every day of the month. The Twende initiative connects women and girls to safe and clean menstrual products, training local women to become sales agents who earn a commission on each product sold.

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