Annet Swart

Millie Travels

“Joining Millie Travels to experience the beautiful sights, lovely food and wonderful people of Jordan was a very rewarding experience. We were always welcomed with smiles and kindness. Millie connected us with amazing people of different backgrounds. We met proud men who obviously love their desert country and traditional way of life and we met young urban men and women who are passionate about their country. Most impressive were the strong and graceful women who work to empower their sisters, daughters and friends in challenging environments.

Travelling with Millie was easy, carefree and allowed me to enjoy Jordan with all my heart.”

Linda Ceperkovic

Millie Travels

“My journey with Millie to Jordan was exceptional! Millie truly cares about your every comfort, opportunity and experience. The highlight throughout the journey was the opportunity to meet locals from every walk of life and learn about Jordan through their lives.”

Arshia Mohammed

Millie Speaks

“Millie Speaks is a unique event for women who are looking to be a better version of themselves and to inspire other women to embrace their unique value to the world. As a young woman, this was the exact impression I gained from the whole experience. From meeting female entrepreneurs to experienced politicians-- my view of what I can make of myself has been completely reenvisioned. This event showed me the potential I hold within and how I can battle the challenges associated with being a driven woman in a seemingly inequitable world. I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Millie Speaks event which was studded with women who have the courage to stand for what they believe in and pursue their passions with rigor. I spent most of my time in awe of the women who spoke as keynotes and on panels. I spent the remaining time at the event trying to drink in the confidence these women exude. Despite their full steam career drive, these women see reason to do good for their communities. They exhibit selflessness and embody the ideologies of shared success in deeply contagious ways.
My favorite part of Millie Speaks by far was that I saw myself in these strong women. I recognize that embracing the intersectionality of my true identity is pivotal to personal and professional growth as described by Suzanne Afanah. Millie Speaks helped me realize this—there are few more powerful feelings than that of genuine inspiration from those who look and think like the authentic self.”

Jing Han

Millie Speaks

“I'm always happy to support female-centric companies and organizations with a purpose. We all get stuck in our own life circles sometimes that it's so refreshing and inspiring to connect with others that you might not otherwise meet. I can only imagine how much thought and work goes behind Millie and I commend you on it all!”

Suzanne Regimbal

Millie Speaks

"Millie Speaks was my first experience of this style of gathering. I had never been to a talk that wasn’t centered around education. I am so thankful that Chelea Brown brought us all together. The energy and spirit was electric. I attended with my Mom and my Aunt and we still talk about it. Strong women gathered together in a safe space to share their stories. I met incredible women making change for our world in powerful ways. These women shared their vulnerable moments that helped them rise above personal challenges and continue to do the work. I was at a crossroads on my own journey. Working on healing from a battle with depression and anxiety is tiresome and can feel very lonely but in this space with these women I was reminded of my strength. I was also reminded about how important it is to ask for help but also reach in towards others to share the journey. This inspired me to share this experience with my students and I now work to make my classroom a safe space that provides shelter for our fears and sometimes tears so we too can make change. I am forever grateful for this experience and look forward to many more opportunities with Millie. My bracelet handmade by Luma Qusus Awad is a daily reminder that I can do hard things and help myself and the world one day at a time."

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