EstElle Penain, French Author, Poet, Artist and Intentional Speaker

In this episode we welcome Paris-based, EstElle Penain, a French author, poet, intentional speaker, well-being practitioner, artist, and Founder and Director of Elliberty, a trainings and events production company based in Paris, France.

For 20 years EstElle has been practicing the spiritual initiations of yoga, art therapy, and meditation. She was called to a deeper exploration of sound meditation and the healing power of quantum and vibrational medicine, including mantras and Sufi matrix sounds. Major events in Estelle’s life influenced her choices, profession, and inner listening. These hardships compelled EstElle to understand her story, listen to the call of her soul, and become the creator of her life.

EstElle’s career is the synthesis of incredible talent and courageous awakening – and then sharing this with others through the performing and healing arts. She leads workshops, performances, and readings and has published fiction, poetry, and memoirs, including ‘Naître fille, devenir femme,’ where she writes about reclaiming her feminine and the discovery that, to make peace with oneself is to make peace with the world.

Millie founder, Chelsea Brown and EstElle discuss how an endometriosis diagnosis changed the course of her life, Estelle’s relationships before spiritual awakening, how our birth story influences our journey, meeting the 13 Mothers, and so much more.

Get ready for a fascinating, illuminating, and heartfelt hour of discovery. 

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