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Given to organizations creating access to education


Raised for women-run charities in The Middle East


Healthy periods realized by our partner Femme International

By women, for women

Our experiences place the emphasis on exploration and connection, offering women new ways of seeing the world, their lives, their self. Our goal is to inspire women to be true to themselves, live their adventure, and unlock their own potential.

Millie is a perspective-expanding lifestyle brand and community that connects women from around the world. 

SHOP one-of-a-kind handmade pieces in the Millie Marketplace and help create economic empowerment for women. LISTEN to the Millie Podcast and meet trailblazing women making an impact in their communities and abroad. EXPERIENCE the power of personal stories to forge deeper understanding through our Storytellers Essays. CONNECT through our online community and events. 

The Millie Marketplace

The Millie Marketplace features artisans from around the world, many of whom are displaced persons and refugees. This special collection connects people through stories and expands perspective, but most importantly, it creates employment opportunities and economic empowerment for women living around the world. Shop these one-of-a-kind handmade pieces from over 15 countries.

Millie is H Project approved 

Did you know that we developed a Higher Education Gift Box with social enterprise Sitti? The Sitti x Millie Higher Education gift box is now available at Holt Renfrew, as part of its H Project ‘Sustainably Made’ collection of products. H Project products are selected and identified based on their artisanal craftsmanship, responsible production and materials, and/or charitable contributions.

The Millie Podcast

The Millie Podcast introduces listeners to extraordinary women from around the world, interviewing thought-leaders like Elizabeth Anoinwu DBE FRCN, Sangita Patel, Lina Khalifeh, Pauline Schmidt, Nadine Kaadan and more. Now, more than ever, there is a thirst for meaning and substance. People want to go beyond scrolling, scripted reality and filters and get to the heart of the story. The Millie Podcast is for women who want to rip up the script and explore new ideas, places, and possibilities. Each episode, Millie Travels creator & Millie podcast host, Chelsea Brown will introduce us to an extraordinary woman who inspires a new way of thinking and invites us to see the world in a different way. 


Millie is woman-founded

Chelsea Brown is the founder & CEO of Millie. Chelsea first travelled to Jordan in 2017 when working an initiative called The Pin Project, a project building economic empowerment for Syrian refugees and fell in love. Jordan fast became Millie's first destination for our curated female-focused travel, believing in the power that travel has on our lives to empower awareness and global perspective. She has travelled back to Jordan more times than she can remember (15+)! Chelsea is an advocate for access to education for women and girls and also sits on the Femme International Board of Directors.

The Storytellers

At Millie, we believe in the power of personal stories to forge deeper understanding and expand perspective. Experience the world of women everywhere through our Storytellers Essay.

The Millie Impact

We put the emphasis on kindness, compassion, and the transformational power of new experiences and authentic connection. Since our 2018 launch, Millie has actively advocated for women-led organizations and access to education, raising more than $40,000 for organizations around the world. Partner programs include Sitti Social Enterprises, Hopes for Women in Education, Turquoise Mountain, Al Rahmeh, The Pin Project and more. Learn more about the incredible organizations that we've had the privilege to collaborate with on our Impact page.

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