The Millie Impact

The Millie Impact


Given to organizations creating access to education


Raised for women-run charities in The Middle East


Healthy periods realized by our partner Femme International

Millie believes in raising each other up and engaging mindfully with the world. 

For us, it’s not enough to enrich the lives of the women in our direct circle or close to home, we want to connect, learn, and grow with women from all corners of the globe, making a difference together. 

Access to education

Millie sponsors and collaborates with women-led initiatives and social enterprises that work for the empowerment of women. Since our launch, Millie has directly contributed more than $22,000 to organizations that provide access to education and sustainable employment for women and girls.

This includes our Sitti x Millie Higher Education Gift Box, with proceeds going towards three university-level scholarships for a four-year degree program. Millie also created a scholarship program with Turquoise Mountain that supports artisans in its training center in Amman, Jordan. To date, we have funded the training of three artisans.

Sustainable Travel

When we travel, we are focused on authenticity, sustainability, and enlisting the expertise of local service providers, vendors, and guides who graciously introduce us to their culture and their home.

Our travel encourages women to live their adventure, broaden their perspective, and connect with the world. We call it mindful travel – it’s travel that nurtures global consciousness and fosters compassion, acceptance, and love.

A percentage of trip costs goes towards programs, organizations, and social enterprises that help women empower themselves through education and economic independence. We incorporate visits to these lifechanging organizations into our itinerary, visiting Sitti Soap/Hopes for Women in Education at the Jerash refugee camp, Turquoise Mountain, and more.

Expanding Perspective 

Since our launch in 2018, we have met, collaborated, and engaged with hundreds of women across the globe. From Florence Akara, the Managing Director at Femme International, an NGO fighting period poverty and menstruation stigma; to Lina Khalifeh, the Founder of SheFighter, the first self-defense studio for women in the Middle East; to Jenn Harper, Founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty, an Indigenous-owned, cruelty-free cosmetics company; to Brenda Trenowden CBE, a Partner in PwCUK and Global co-chair of the 30% Club; to Storytellers contributors like Kelsey Adams, an arts and culture journalist who collaborated with us to teach how anti-Blackness in Canada still exists; to educators and artisans from the Jerash refugee camp in Jordan; to you, a member of the Millie Community

Working with Fihri

Humanitarian Period Packs for women in Gaza

We at The Millie Community joined forces with Fihri and Viv to address the urgent need for feminine hygiene products for the over 591,000 displaced women in Gaza by supporting the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) and Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS).

Women in Gaza are facing dire circumstances, lacking access to essential resources such as food, water, anesthesia, medical supplies, and feminine hygiene products. The Humanitarian Period Pack campaign aims to not only provide necessary feminine hygiene products but also restore dignity and instill hope in the lives of these women and girls.

Working with Turquoise Mountain

Heba Othman

Reintroducing The Pin Project, a global initiative that provides employment opportunities to artisans & Syrian refugees worldwide. Contribute to something meaningful while purchasing something you love this World Refugee Day.

Working with Femme International

Millie x Femme International

Sourced and constructed in Tanzania, no two pieces are alike. When you purchase this dress, 100% of all proceeds go to Femme International’s programs. Based in Kenya and Tanzania, Femme International’s mission is to educate, advocate and research ways to bring menstrual solutions to women and girls across East Africa. Femme has helped 16,342 girls and women realize safe and healthy periods. We can't wait to reach more!

Working with Sitti


Inspired by the resilience and dedication of the women in the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan, the Sitti x Millie higher education initiative began as a way to contribute to a higher education scholarship for women in the refugee community in Jordan. The Gift Box aims to raise awareness of the importance of education for women and girls. Our goal is to raise enough funds to award three university-level scholarships (4-year degree program), in partnership with Sitti’s beneficiary organization, Hopes for Women in Education.

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