The Journey Within

By: Aleksandra Pawlowska

Behind the closed door
in an empty room 
is a traveller

Without lifting a finger
without moving her feet

She sets to discover
the lands of her own

Every corner
of the world
that is herself

The customs 
and the ruling
and the laws
and the language
that she has written for herself

As she closes her eyes
she sees clearly
the breathtaking view
she has never looked at before

The imprints
of the wind and sandstorms
are written in the horizon
The intensity of the sun
and the healing of the rain

What else is there to do
than to marvel 
at the view
To marvel
at every path
every crossing
every hurdle
that it took to get here

What a journey
it has been
this making of herself
What a journey
it will be
making herself homely
in the most beautiful place in the world

Alex Pawlowska is a founder of Looking for Heroes and a poet. @lookingforheroes. Follow Alex's journey on Instagram.

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