Style & Purpose with Claudia Cusano, Writer and Editor in Chief at NUVO Magazine

Claudia Cusano is the writer and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning NUVO Magazine. NUVO combines style and purpose, profiling people, fashion, design, travel, architecture and more. Founded by Claudia’s father in 1998, NUVO is a family enterprise. They approach luxury from a place of style and appreciation – not monetary value.

After Claudia graduated from UBC with a degree in sociology, she travelled to Italy, taking time off to figure out her next steps. Her father called and asked her to run his new magazine. She promptly hung up the phone. In 1999, she relented – happily – joining her father, first as a receptionist, working her way up to where she is now: curating and writing evocative, entertaining and informative stories.

Take time for yourself and do what you love – and everything will still get done. That is our biggest takeaway from this beautiful, Tuscan-infused episode. Claudia and her family are currently living the expat life in Italy, their stay extended by Covid. They’ve settled into a routine of course, but Claudia still greets each day with anticipation, always finding something to marvel at in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and modern fashion, home to gothic architecture and renowned cuisine – la vera Italia.

Millie founder Chelsea and Claudia discuss some of the finer points of living in Italy (never cook with basil in November!), keeping a magazine alive through Covid, the importance of celebrating and prioritizing craftsmanship and skill, working her way up from receptionist to editor-in-chief of NUVO, and so much more.

Read NUVO Magazine, Canada's authority on all thing's  exceptional and follow along Claudia's Tuscan journey @Claudia.cusano.



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