Digital Millie eGift Card



Gift the ones you love with a digital Millie eGift Card. 

How to use:

When you purchase a Millie eGift Card, your lucky recipient will receive an email with the selected gift card, your salutation and personal message, and a unique redemption code. They will receive this email within 24 hours of your purchase.

Meet the Maker


Millie believes in raising each other up and engaging mindfully with the world. For us, it’s not enough to enrich the lives of the women in our direct circle or close to home, we want to connect, learn, and grow with women from all corners of the globe, making a difference together.

The Inspiration

By women, for women: Our experiences place the emphasis on exploration and connection, offering women new ways of seeing the world, their lives, their self. Our goal is to inspire women to be true to themselves, live their adventure, and unlock their own potential.

The Impact

We sponsor and collaborate with women-led, initiatives, founders and social enterprises that work for the empowerment of women. Since our launch, we have directly contributed more than $22,000 to organizations that provide access to education and sustainable employment for women and girls.

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