Ricarda Bochat, Coordinator of the Open Kitchen Program at Give Something Back to Berlin

In this episode of The Millie Podcast we welcome Berlin-based Ricarda Bochat, coordinator of the Open Kitchen program at Give Something Back to Berlin, a multi-award-winning association that connects migrants, refugees, and locals to build an open and inclusive society. Give Something Back to Berlin (GSBTB) challenges the status quo and creates a better way for newcomers to integrate.

Last fall, Millie Podcast host Chelsea Brown, travelled to Germany and joined Ricarda for her innovative and fun Open Kitchen cooking event at the beautiful GSBTB headquarters. Ricarda also manages the English Language Café and German Sprachcafé.

Leaving behind a successful career in fashion for a new one in social impact, Ricarda’s passion is fuelled by her values and the risks she’s taken to blaze a new path for herself. She completed her Master’s Degree in Fashion Marketing in the UK, moving back to her native Germany, where she was briefly involved with GSBTB. She left Germany to spend a year in Nepal and India, primarily doing earthquake relief work and teaching English to Tibetan monks. This trip changed the direction of Ricarda’s life.

She talks to Chelsea about the events that prompted this life change, falling in love with a Tibetan Monk, why it’s important to have people from both sides creating dialogue and change, and so much more.

Visit www.gsbtb.org to get involved and following Give Something Back To Berlin on Instagram!

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