Luisa Kahlfeldt, Product & Industrial Designer, CO-Founder & Creative Director of Sumo

Meet Luisa Kahlfeldt, an award-winning product and industrial designer, creative consultant, and co-founder of Sumo, the Berlin-based creative lab behind the award-winning Sumo Baby reusable cloth diaper. This next-generation diaper uses pioneering skin-caring materials that are gentle on babies, and the environment.

Luisa and her co-founder, Caspar Böhme, launched Sumo in 2019 because they wanted to design status-quo-challenging products that make daily rituals more beautiful. Prior to Sumo, Luisa worked for Barber Osgerby in London and Konstantin Grcic Design in Berlin. She’s also the recipient of the 2018 Foundation USM Design Grant and the 2019 Swiss James Dyson Award. In 2021, her work was awarded the German Sustainability Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Chelsea talks to Luisa about how she became a designer, her decision to leave a prestigious firm and launch her own company, Sumo’s mission, the impact of plastics and disposable diapers on the environment, the importance of elevating ritual over convenience, and so much more.

Find out more about Sumo creative lab at, @sumobaby, and their Kickstarter campaign

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