Tour Companies Take a Feminist Approach to Adventure Travel

By Amanda Blakley

By Amanda Blakley, HERE Magazine. Venturing through the Wadi Rum Desert is a prime opportunity for bonding and introspection. We had all been brought together by our collective sense of adventure, curiosity, and a mutual acquaintance: Chelsea Brown.Brown recently founded Millie, a travel company with lofty aspirations to innovate the female-oriented travelscape. The organization does more than plan stereotypical “girls’ trips”—it represents a paradigm shift from rowdy Miami getaways to meaningful adventures. Millie works with local tour guides and families to create authentic, intimate experiences, inviting small groups of only 10-12 women to immerse themselves fully in a destination’s culture. Their journeys encourage bonding and self-contemplation while simultaneously cultivating global awareness, blurring the lines between novelty and insider access. Spending the week with Brown, we had ample opportunity to discuss the business of travel, and I was touched by her ambitions. “My goal is to create life-changing journeys that inspire women to live their adventure, expand their global perspective, and make an impact—in their lives and in the places they travel.”

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