Element Dining Table Runner

Algodones Mayas


Bring the beauty of the outdoors to your table with this magnificent natural cotton table runner. Convey a feeling of coziness, warmth and prosperity while honouring nature and planet Earth with this piece from the Wayil Earth Tone collection.

The environment plays an important role in the existence of life. Everything that is around us, which includes both living and nonliving things such as soil, water, animals and plants, adapt themselves to their surroundings. It is nature’s gift that helps in nourishing life on Earth.

This handmade table runner is bone color that comes from natural color cotton.

  • Made in Guatemala 
  • Dimensions: 72" x 16"
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Hand wash, no tumble dry, no chlorine.

Meet the Maker

Wayil by Algodones Mayas

Founded in 1994, Algodones Mayas was created by two visionaries to share the magic of handwoven textiles. They grow and cultivate pre-hispanic cotton, designing elegant decorative pieces and accessories. Their handwoven cotton pieces help preserve Guatemala’s rich culture, land, natural colours and motives.

The Inspiration

Algodones Mayas believes in empowering and encouraging women, this is why almost 80% of their artisans are hardworking mothers and daughters who never give up and make their best effort every day to be better. They proudly celebrate and honour the women that inspire them and make the beautiful Algodones Mayas designs come true.

The Impact

Their ethical pursuit is to produce objects mindfully, rather than consume mindlessly. Algodones Mayas always aims to preserve the environment and following the collaboration with “The New Denim Project” they now use upcycled denim for all their blue colours and tones. They are passionate about cultural preservation: "We recovered native lxcaco, Cuyuscate and Jade cotton, a form of cotton which almost went extinct in the 90s. We do not produce objects for status or vanity, but to meet a purpose from within. Objects do not fill, they fulfill. Our objects carry intention”. This is our philosophy: preserving and celebrating our culture and homes."

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