The Karina V Way: A Holistic Balance to a Healthy Life

Karina Vee is a celebrity trainer, training actress Jessica Chastain and others, nutritionist, yogi, and wellness warrior who is on a mission to help busy people find a balanced approach to health. Listen to Karina’s journey from stressed out paralegal, to yogi,  founding trainer at Barry’s, co-founder of Fit Escapes, and co-founder of the Nourish & Shine Collective.

Through her own health and fitness journey, Karina started to see how mindset around food, exercise and mindfulness can affect anxiety and self-image. So, she started to adopt a more conscientious and compassionate approach to exercise, nutrition and mindfulness, and it became her mission to share it with others.

Watching her clients struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally to fit themselves into a single definition of a healthy lifestyle, Karina was driven to find new, energizing and achievable ways to integrate a balanced approach for people on the move.

Chelsea and Karina talk about this balanced approach to fitness and life, sustainable nutrition and exercise, Karina’s journey to becoming an in-demand fitness trainer, and the importance of removing the idea of perfection when working on our fitness, nutrition and mindfulness goals.

A woman who believes in the importance of consistency, accountability and confidence AND creating our own definition of OK - Karina energizes and creates a feeling of ease, all at the same time. 



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