The Storytellers

By: Chelsea Brown

On the surface, Millie is about travel and in-person events. So, with COVID-19 changing all of our lives, it would be reasonable to assume that we haven't been up to a lot. Nothing could be further from the truth! The pandemic has changed how we host events and has temporarily halted our trips, and so, like many of you out there, we are pivoting to stay connected and share stories. What we've learned as we've grown is this: there is a thirst for meaning, relevance and depth. People want to go beyond the surface, scripted reality and filters and get to the heart of the story, to their authentic self, to what really matters.

Millie is about a lot more than travel and a speakers’ series. We have always encouraged women to expand their perspective, open up to new possibilities, embrace growth and change, and to share their stories. We continue to do that – just in a different way. 

That's why we're introducing The Storytellers.

I used to dream of writing for a publication, working together with an editorial team to shine a spotlight on injustice, or new talent, or tell stories that matter. Life had other plans for me, but a longing to do this remained! I hope you enjoy reading our Storytellers as much as I enjoy being introduced to these voices. 

In upcoming posts, our Storytellers will cover topics like: Anti-Blackness in Canada, how consumers can shape social change, and the pandemic's unexpected impact on nature.  

Every month we will be collaborating with female talent from around the world who will step in as guest writers and share their insight, knowledge, energy and unique point of view. What I have learned from being an entrepreneur is that there is a lot of talent, ideas and passion out there and I want to be a part of amplifying that. We are opening up this part of the Millie site not just to add to the conversation, but to get women connecting through the written word. 

As Millie undergoes change, as we all undergo change, a common thread remains: the passion to champion women and broaden perspectives. I want to live in a world where women champion each other to be their best, and show up as our most amazing, authentic selves, working together to create change. Can you imagine this world? I can. 

Stay Inspired!

Chelsea Brown

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