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We call it mindful travel. A new approach to travel that nurtures global consciousness founded on compassion, acceptance, and love. Although Millie journeys usually consist of groups of four to six women, every trip focuses on the individual.

It’s all about women leaving the comfort of daily routine and cultivating new perspectives that disarm their inhibitions and challenge the things that hold them back from realizing their better sense of self.

2021 Jordan Experience

Experience the exceptional beauty, rich culture, incredible warmth and intuitive hospitality of Jordan and its people. We will explore the cosmopolitan city of Amman, sleep in luxury bubble tents in the desert under a blanket of stars, hike to breathtaking ruins and architectural wonders, dine with a Bedouin family, swim in the Red Sea, soak up the healing energy of the Dead Sea and so much more. Our awe-inspiring journey through Jordan offers opportunities to learn, grow and broaden your worldview while connecting with new people and cultures.

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Listen Carefully: Amman Will Share Its Stories With You

We always begin and end our trip in the spectacular city of Amman with its ancient monuments, exciting cross-section of cultures, Roman ruins, bustling markets, magnificent views, impressive Mosques and a Millie-favourite – exquisite local cuisine!

We go deep in, exploring Jordan’s rich culture in Amman: Rainbow Street’s independent shops, a 6,000 seat Roman Amphitheatre that dates back to the 2nd Century AD, the beautiful blue-domed King Abdullah Mosque and an incredible ‘dine-out’ hosted by an accomplished Jordanian woman. (Millie believes in the power of connections and knowledge sharing: We curate intimate private dinners for our trip patrons to connect with change agents and thought leaders – from founders of NGOs to leading girl-bosses we admire).

Meet Turquoise Mountain

While we are in Amman, we are thrilled to partner with Turquoise Mountain, which was established in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to revitalise historic areas and traditional crafts and provide jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride. In an immersive workshop experience, participants will first receive a personal briefing from the Turquoise Mountain team about its initiatives and projects in the Middle East and beyond. This will be followed by a demonstration and instruction from a Turquoise Mountain artisan who will teach us a traditional Jordanian craft.

Aqaba: Jordan's Window To The Red Sea

We will travel the Desert Highway to Aqaba for an incredible coastal adventure. From the vantage point of our private sailboat, we will see the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Egypt as we explore the Red Sea. (While we are on the sea, we hope to buy fish from a local fisherman!) We will close the day with a true coastal Jordanian dining experience: preparing our fresh catch on outdoor grills in the market streets.

The Magical Wadi Rum Desert

Next stop is Wadi Rum, with its soaring desert landscape dotted with dramatic rock formations. The largest valley in Jordan, Wadi Rum’s red and yellow sandstone and granite mountains were sculpted by the wind, over time creating incredible natural structures like the Burdah Rock Bridge. We will experience a desert safari and enjoy a traditional family meal with a local Bedouin ‘friend of Millie’, who was born in a cave in this dramatic landscape. He has a deep passion for Wadi Rum, a place his family has called home for more than 300 years. After this amazing adventure we will check into luxury bubble tents, sleeping under a star-filled night sky. We will spend two nights in this unearthly magical desert, also called the Valley of the Moon. We will disconnect from the outside world, witness a spectacular sunset, share fireside stories, connect with nature and go within.

Rose Coloured Mountains

After Wadi Rum, we will travel to the magnificent archeological city of Petra which is home to world-renowned rock cut architecture – beautiful soaring buildings carved into giant rose-coloured mountains. Carved to life by the Nabateans more than 2000 years ago, Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Jordan’s top tourist destination. We have two options for our journey in Petra: a 5k hike into the city, entering through the Siq, a narrow gorge that leads to the impressive ruin, Al Khazneh (the Treasury), or, a more roundabout and exhilarating 12k hike into the city – depending on what the group decides.

The Healing Waters

We will depart Petra via the King’s Highway and check into our luxury spa accommodations at the Dead Sea. After some morning yoga we will immerse ourselves in the healing waters of the Dead Sea, where pots of Dead Sea mud will available to apply to your face and body.

Water Water Water

Next stop is Wadi Mujib where we will embark on a hike to a stunning waterfall. From the Mujib Bridge, we will wind around a rushing river, trek past sandstone cliffs and go through a water cave and shoulder deep waters to a gorgeous waterfall. View the world from behind a waterfall or refresh yourself under it.

Back To Where It All Began

Amman truly has Millie’s heart. We always like to end our time in Jordan with two more days in the capital city. The connection-building and great conversation of a good meal is a big part of what makes us tick. What better way to experience delicious traditional dishes than to learn how to make them! We will visit Beit Sitti, an authentic cook and dine experience established by three sisters to honour their grandmother and share with Jordanians and tourists alike their love for this beautiful country and its traditions. We will learn to prepare a traditional Arabic meal with ingredients harvested from nearby gardens and dine on this incredible meal in the tranquility of the sisters’ home. We will also introduce Millie travel patrons to some of our favorite Amman restaurants including Sufra and visit the neighbouring city of Fuheis (a charming, predominantly Christian city where figs are available to pick right off the trees).