Handwoven Wheat Straw Bread Plate

Turquoise Mountain


Each bread plate is handwoven, unique and crafted with love using wheat straw grown in the artisan’s own garden in Jerash, Jordan. Each straw is harvested, cleaned and stored for use throughout the year. Some are then naturally hand-dyed using hibiscus, soaked for varying lengths of time and then dried in the sun. Only then are the straws ready to be woven into beautiful, yet practical, household items and pieces of art. 

Use this versatile, beautiful and food safe product as a bread plate (or a plate for any dry food), decorative wall hanging, coffee table tray, or to store your accessories.  

  • Made by Turquoise Mountain in Jerash, Jordan
  • Fair trade
  • Diameter: 42.50cm
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  • Free International shipping on orders over $300

Meet the Maker

Sameera Nawasra

Sameera Nawasra is a basket weaving artisan who works from her home-based workshop in Jerash, Jordan. Sameera specializes in wheat straw, growing and then harvesting wheat from her own garden in July/August, collecting and stocking the straws to use throughout the year. She has been experimenting with natural dyes like hibiscus and beetroot, producing vibrant, colourful products, ranging from large trays and wall hangings to bowls and placemats. Sameera learned the art of basket weaving from her mother and still seeks out her advice to this day. Also a talented embroiderer, Sameera applies these skills to her basket weaving, adding different shapes and designs to the products she creates. Sameera, who is a widower, uses her basket weaving talent to support herself and her ten children. She participates in annual bazaars and provides artisan training to women across Jordan.

The Inspiration

Basket weaving is a traditional craft, and a skill that is usually passed down from woman to woman within a family. Using raw materials grown in their garden or purchased at local markets, artisans make household items that are also pieces of art.

The Impact

Turquoise Mountain is working on heritage-led regeneration projects that support the local community as well as the wider population through employment and training on historic building repair programmes. By helping people along with their architectural heritage they support their economy, helping communities in the long-term and maintaining the enduring importance of the region's cultural heritage.

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